MERCURY LEARNING and INFORMATION provides print and digital content in the areas of science and medicine, technology and computing, engineering, and mathematics (STEM disciplines) designed for the professional/reference, trade, library, higher education, career school, and online training markets. We embrace both traditional and innovative publishing models designed to accommodate the needs of the intended audience by using the appropriate delivery methods.

Mission Statement

As a provider for the information needs of students, faculty, professionals, and educated consumers, MLI will release its first products in the late fall of 2010 and achieve its objectives of 30 published titles and 2500 active company accounts (worldwide) prior to 2012. The majority of titles will be delivered in print and digital formats depending on the project.

Content Areas

Billions of dollars continue to be allocated by government agencies, commercial, and non-profit organizations to stimulate interest in STEM disciplines. Subsequently, MLI editorial content will focus on two markets: 1) Jr. / Sr. level courses for the university markets in computer science, mathematics, physics, and engineering; 2) The professional/reference/library market will follow similar subject areas and focus on modern applications that are widely used in industry. These will include emerging industries in alternative energy sources, game development, artificial intelligence, information security, robotics, quantum physics, medicine, digital filmmaking, embedded systems, nanotechnology, computational science, and others.


Print and electronic media for these markets will be sold, worldwide, via the publisher’s Web portal, wholesalers, Web sites, retail book / software stores and a variety of domestic and international distributors., Ingram, Safari, Google, Baker & Taylor, MBS, and Barnes & Noble are typical accounts. International distributors, such as Login Bros. (Canada), Transatlantic Publishers (UK/Europe), IPR (Middle East), and others in Asia and Australia will distribute outside of the US.

Digital Delivery

Printed titles will be manufactured by traditional presses or “print on demand” depending on market needs, and digital content will include XML, .pdfs, and popular handheld device formats. MLI projects will appear on reading devices, social networking sites, online course venues, and digital delivery vendor sites (e.g., Books 24 x 7, Kindle, Safari, Google Editions,, NetLibrary, ScribD, CourseSmart, KNO, NookStudy, etc.) A comprehensive Web portal will be used to promote and deliver product directly to our customers regardless of the channel or geographical location. We will deliver content by the page, the chapter, or by the book directly from the company Web site.


In Roman mythology, Mercury was the messenger of the gods, who was known for his swift delivery of information. In astrology, Mercury is thought to rule thinking and perception, the one who processes and disseminates knowledge, and is responsible for methods of communication, commerce, and education.

About IPM

International Publishers Marketing provides sales, marketing and distribution services for book publishers, in both the academic and trade fields. The company was founded in January 1995 to provide complete, cost-effective, strategic marketing services for publishers who want to build not only sales and profits but name recognition for their publishing programs and authors. IPM offers its publishing clients customized marketing and fulfillment — allowing them to outsource these vital operations and lower their personnel and facility costs. IPM’s services are ideal for the mid-size publisher who wants to focus on their publishing program and leave the cares and concerns over sales & marketing to a professional and experienced team.